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Why Medication Guardian ?


Our Medication Guardian  Consultation services are designed to help you or someone you love maximize benefits of your medicines and decrease the potential for misadventures.

 We work with our patients and your health care providers to simplify medication routine and eliminate unneeded or duplicate prescription or non-prescription medications. 

We offer a range of retainer and subscription-based services to meet simple needs or complex on-going care.  The subscription-based service is ideal to give as a gift or safety-net service for family and loved ones.

The Medication Guardian services can be combined with our monthly Chronic Care Management services, or with our Transition Of Care program to provide a comprehensive safety net to help older patients their ongoing health care needs.

Why  Our Patients Value This Service.

Many patients are confused about  what they are taking, why they are taking  and how to take them properly and avoid dangerous medication combinations.

Most of our patients see multiple physicians and other clinical care providers and want to insure there is coordination of medications.  Family members of young and older patients are interested in someone who can spend time reviewing and advising their loved ones about safe and proper medication use and provide a safety-net service should problems arise.

The Reality Of Medication Use.

Prescription medications continue to be one of the most cost-effective way to provide health care.  In fact, nearly 70% of medical visits result in at least one prescription being written.  But, there are some down sides to the use of these medications:

·  Drug adverse reactions are a major cause of hospitalizations and doctor visits in the US.  Many of these are avoidable.

· People from 65-69 years old take an average of 15 prescriptions a year and those 80-84 take an average of 18. 

· More than 40% of persons over 65 have taken more than 5 prescription medications in the past 30 days. 

· The chance of an older patient having a bad drug reaction increases from 10%, when one medication is used, to 75% if more than five medications are used at  the same time. 

· Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications can have several hundred potentially harmful interactions with other medications. 

· Up to 25% of medications used by people over 65 are not considered necessary. 

· Foods and antacids can change the way our body handles medicines and can cause them not to work or increase the danger of side effects.

· More than 32,000 people over 65 suffer hip fractures because of falls & accidents caused by their medications. 

· Many vacationers do not properly prepare for their medication needs while traveling thus inconveniencing them or incurring avoidable extra expenses.

· Patients of all ages with chronic conditions, such as asthma, seizure disorder or diabetes often do not get proper instruction about their conditions or how to use medications or devices such as inhalers, testing equipment and injector units.  This can lead to ineffective treatment.

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