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Articles Of Interest On Men's Health

Blueprint For Men's Health: A Guide To A Healthy Lifestyle.  Second Edition.

A useful 65 page booklet published by the Men's Health Network on how boys and men should think about and approach health and wellness.  It covers over 20 topics including guides for when to have preventive exams and vaccinations and how to recognize and care for conditions such as diabetes, prostate cancer and depression.

Development of  Viagra

Cover Story Interview with our own Dr. Sal Giorgianni In Esquire Magazine September 2018  Celebrating The Little Blue Pill's, Viagra, Twentieth Anniversary.  A fascinating  gimps behind the blue curtain of how an obscure drug that failed developed for high blood pressure became one of the most influential products of the century.

Articles About Women's Health

Women's Day Health News & Stories

A link to an on-line magazine resource with a wide range of contemporary articles about the health of women and girls.  Articles range from what questions to ask health providers, little known facts and myths about breast cancer to weight management.

Articles About Proper Medication Use